Brent Alexander McTavish
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Canada, Vancouver b. 1960 / act: Vancouver, Madurai, Chennai, Victoria, London, Carcassonne
One day in 2007, McTavish awoke with a roaring headache from banging his head against a brick wall trying to “make it” as an artist in London, UK. He decided to step away from his chosen and long cherished path, focussing his attention instead on supporting other artists trying to “make it”.

Before moving to Carcassonne, France in September 2013, he last worked at Harrow Arts Centre in North West London ( as the Arts Programming Administrator. His role was pivotal to the successful running of the Centre, where he had the honour to support other artists on their pathway to success.

After his much needed hiatus, McTavish has joyfully returned to his native and instinctive artistic self to once again pursue his craft. Free from the shackles of the London Art Establishment's pre-occupation with Deconstructive Postmodernism he is free again to create that which inspires HIM and not that which the Establishment says is ART.

"Free at last, Free at last, Great God a-mighty, We are free at last." Martin Luther King, Jr., 1963

Selected Exhibitions

The Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair - Candid Arts Trust Galleries, Islington, London, UK, October 2006
Spiritual Journey - Church of St Johns, Edinburgh, UK, 2004
roMANse - Adonis Art of London, UK, 2004
Angel Wings - Picture House Centre for Photography, Leicester, UK, 2004
The Rape of Europe - Luke & A Gallery, Mayfair, London, UK, 2003
BollyQueens - Lighthouse West London, Globe Centre East London & Northampton Museum & Art Gallery, UK, Summer 2003
BollyQueens (Special Preview) - National Film Theatre, London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 2003
BOUNCE - GALA Art Gallery, Brighton, UK, 2003
The London Exhibition - Galerie Anton, Berlin, Germany, 2002
New Directions In Male Art Photography - Adonis Art of London, UK, 2001
May Day Exhibition - Xchanges Artist’s Run Gallery, Victoria, Canada, 2001
EYE APPEAL - Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria, Canada, 2001
Images for the Millennium - Random Modern Gallery, Tacoma, USA, 2000
Summer Exhibition - Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, Canada, 2000
Fine Arts - Sooke Region Museum, Sooke, Canada, 2000, 1999, 1994
Personal Indulgences - Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, Canada, 2000
Give the Gift of Art - Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, Canada, 1999
autumn exhibition - Liegh Gallery, London, UK, 1999
ArtWORK - BC Festival of the Arts, Victoria, Canada, 1999
LOOK - Arts Council Centre, Victoria, Canada, 1999, 1994, 1993
One World Many Views - Gandhi Memorial Museum, Madurai, India, 1997
MSM - Martin Batchelor Gallery, Victoria, Canada, 1997
Pushing the Portrait Part II - Foto Base Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 1994
Images and Objects XII - BC Festival of the Arts, Campbell River, Canada, 1994
S.F.U. Photography Exhibition - Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, Canada, 1988
How Do We See Ourselves - The Bute Street Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 1988

Selected Published & Commercial Work

Naz Project London - Cover Image for Annual Report, London, UK, 2003
London Business School - Various Brochure & Web Site Portraits, London, UK, 2002, 2003, 2006
manner aktuell Magazine - Feature Portfolio, Bruno Gmunder Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2002
“Sound of a Spell”, Dance Performance - Promotional Photography for WISE THOUGHTS, London, UK, 2002
Gay Times Magazine - Artist Portfolio, Millivres-Prowler Group, London, UK, 2001
PHOTO LIFE Magazine - Feature Article, Apex Publications, Toronto, Canada, 2001
“Quickies” Book of Short Fiction - Cover Photo, Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, Canada, 1998
Art Unlimited - 1 Published Art Postcard, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1998
Canadian Traveller Magazine - Cover Photograph, Vancouver, Canada, 1996
Art Unlimited - 2 Published Art Postcards, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1996
Times Colonist Daily Newspaper - Photos “Daring to be Different”, Victoria, Canada, 1996
Inclusion in “Male Bonding” - Art Book, Foto Factory Press, Venice Beach, USA, 1996
The Post Card Factory - 2 Published Travel Postcards, Markham, Canada, 1996
AIDS Vancouver Island - Date Cards & Annual Report, Victoria, Canada, 1994, 1995 & 1996
MuscleMag “Indian Style Posedown” - Article & Photographs, Lincoln, USA, 1993
Contact Magazine “Art As (E)Vocation” - Photographic Illustration, Calgary, Canada, 1991

Contests, Awards & Grants

Government of Canada Artist’s Grant - The Canadian High Commission of London, UK, 2004
Fine Arts Jurors Choice Award - Sooke Region Museum, Canada, 2000
Boulevard Magazine - “Photos By” Winner, Victoria, Canada, 1993, 1999 & 2000
British Columbia Festival of the Arts - Represented South Island Arts Council, Canada, 1994 & 1999


London Business School - MBA Directors Of fice & MBA Programme Of fice, London, UK
Royal Roads University - The Presidents Of fice, Victoria, BC, Canada,
Gandhi Memorial Museum - Directors Of fice, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India,


Indigo Art Limited, Picture Library
Arcangel Images, Picture Library


Western Academy of Photography Diploma Programme, Eight Diplomas Completed, Canada, 1994