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As the crickets sing their nightly song

Perched on my terrace in the warm evening air
Le Pont Vieux at Sunset
10:30 at night perched on my terrace in the warm evening air with bare feet, shorts and a short sleeve shirt contemplating how lucky I am to be living in such a quaint and annoyingly simple place. I have just been to a wonderful and generous new wine shop opening surrounded by lovely friendly, warm and open-minded Carcassonnaise. I feel blessed to know the people I have connected with here, étrangers and locals alike. When it’s good here, it is outstanding, I must say.

Life is not always easy in any way, shape or form, but when loving, inviting and supportive people surround you you cannot help but feel blessed. In this moment I am opportunely enveloped by such an experience… Ok maybe it is the free flowing wine, which kept my glass full that has inspired me to speak these words. But when the nectar of the gods speaks, I am moved to listen. And believe me when I say: This Is it! This is ALL we have. This moment, right here, right now. And we DO have a choice to allow its sweetness to drench our souls or to sour our hearts.

It is not easy and life enjoys tricking us into believing that it should be with diversions such as shopping, accumulating more and more stuff or trolling the Internet peering into the supposed never ending happiness of others. But deep down we all know it is not easy. Staying conscious and focused on living right here, right now is a life journey, one that is honourable, noble, and worthy of our intention. Materialism is a trap and brings only momentary happiness. It soon fades and we are yet again made to feel inadequate by the next advertisement screaming at us “We have the answer! All you have to do is buy us!”

So as the crickets sing their nightly song serenading me to finish this blog, I say bonne chance, and may the force be with us all. Be vigilant warding away those false blues and insecurities. Live well and prosper.